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Gift: Noctis is a naughty boi by Michat2
Mature content
Gift: Noctis is a naughty boi :iconmichat2:Michat2 164 12
Severus Snape X Male!Reader - drawn to.
Alpha!Severus Snape X Male!Omega!Reader
warnings: stalker-ish like themes, sexual themes
he/him pronouns used for reader
*marauders era aye [6th year] and probably au b/c i don't address the plot of the books yo
**reader is a slytherin in yo
my omegaverse au breakdown
requested by the lovely TheTurtleTeen 
Severus seemed to have always noticed you. But, he didn't know when he started to notice you. 
You may have been in the same house as he was, but you were so easily looked over. You didn't stand out very much, since you were pretty much the normal, cookie-cutter Slytherin. With being a halfblood, though your muggle relative was a great-great-great aunt on your father's side, you were average in your academics, and to his standards in physical looks as well. You were the definition of 'normal'. 
Well, you did stand out during your third year when he shared defense with you. Your boggart morphed from something innocent,
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 79 11
Harry Potter X Male!Reader- always wanted you.
Alpha!Harry Potter X Omega!Male!Reader
warnings: sexual themes, light language kinda, mentions of mpreg
he/him pronouns used for reader
when you see '--' it means some time has passed/pov shift
omegaverse au
**also au where there is no voldy and every one is happy like they should be
***6th year harry and 5th year reader/ also reader is a gryffindoor 
breakdown of my omegaverse au
"Did you want to be an alpha?" 
Harry arched an eyebrow at you, "Why do you ask?" 
You smiled at him through your lashes, "Isn't it obvious? I turn 16 in a week, meaning I'll present, so I'm getting a little nervous." 
He nodded and returned your smile, "Oh, well I guess I did since my dad is one. But," He cast you a look before rounding the corner, you two were heading to Gryffindoor tower, "It was obvious I was going to be one since every male in the Potter lineage has been an alpha." 
"That's kinda cool," You commented, "What about your mom?"
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 191 24
Ichigo x Male Reader Chapter 18
The was air tense, silent, frightening and raw. 
The young teenage stared at the tall captain of power and raw strength. Eyes met eye. One is thirsting for battle, one cease for a escape. Trapped with a beast that hunger for battle, a fox must be cunning. Standing up, supported by the wall for the weak frail and pitiful state of your condition. 
Time is ticking, decision need to be made. 
Fight for survival and possibility risk death or surrender and let fate see what will be stone  upon you. 
Play safe or play with fire. In this state you rather not risk death, all will mourn for you, the pain and cries will carried with you to your grave. You rather not see those sad face upon anyone faces, it will hurt you more than anything. 
You sighed and sat back down in surrender or defeat. No point in the fighting now, it will only make it worst, bring more pain and problem. Can’t die here now since you have got here so far. You will never forgive yourself i
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 10 11
Ichigo x Male Reader Chapter 17
You stared at the girl with wariness in your eyes of uncertainty of this strange hyperactive young little girl. How did she find you in here. Not to mention you sense that huge amount of spiritual pressure radiating from her like a light house. It was just you and her in this empty room of silent. Of course there was noway you were going to fight a child, even if she is a shinigami. 
You didn’t want to resort in violence. You really don’t like hurt people in general, you will fight if you have to defend. Looking back a the girl still with that smile on her face that feel really contagious that want to make you smile too. 
You gave her a small smile and greeted back. “Hello. I’m Y/N,” Showing no sign of hostility she seem fine with you and replied back.
“Hi! My name is Yachiru.” The pink haired little girl replied back. What you noticed that she doesn’t know you. I think she is aware that you were an escape convict so you should
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 12 5
Ichigo x Male!Reader Chapter 1
F/N First name
L/N Last name
H/C Hair colour 
E/Y Eyes colour
Today is your first day of school and you was quite nervous. You took a deep breathe and walked to the front entrance of Karakura high school, headed to the office to get your things. Once you finished you walk to your class. Your opened the door, the teacher turn her attention to you. She gave you a warm smile as she introduce herself. 
"Hello my name is Mrs Ochi, you must be the new student." You nodded shyly at her.
"Why don't you introduce yourself to everyone." You turn attention to class. 
"M-My name is F/N L/N, nice to meet you all..." You greeted, your eyes looking at the floor.
"Now L/N why don't you take a seat next to Kurosaki. Kurosaki can you raise your hand up." Your turned attention to the person that name Kurosaki. He have spiky orange hair, he was fairly tall and lean built. As you walk to the seat, you look at him, he have a scowl on his face. He tur
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 141 35
Birthday buttplug by TheMacro-Johannes
Mature content
Birthday buttplug :iconthemacro-johannes:TheMacro-Johannes 116 30
Commission: City in danger by TrumFire Commission: City in danger :icontrumfire:TrumFire 240 15
Boku no Hero Academia x Male!Reader (VII)
    :.Boku no Hero Academia x Male!Reader (VII).:
    I was playing with the new cat friend I had gained, who was rolling around on my bed gleefully. I stared at the cat intensely as she pawed at Katsuki.
    "Rika." The cat lifted her head up at me and meowed affectionately.
    "What? Did you just name her?" Bakugou asked, and I nodded.
    "Her new name is Rika. Her injuries told me she was a stray, so she had no family. She is my cat now, and she shall be addressed as Rika."
    "I'm not sure if the school will let you keep a live animal in your dorm."
    "I don't think they'll let me keep a dead one." I say to Kirishima, who narrowed his eyes at me.
    "Ha, very funny (Name)." I gave the cat a kiss on the forehead, and she meowed cutely at me.
    "(Name), I still don't think you will still be able to keep her." I held her t
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 66 42
Superboy by Suyohara
Mature content
Superboy :iconsuyohara:Suyohara 414 31
Unaware Berry  Micro Green Arrow   by ArtMaster93Austin Unaware Berry Micro Green Arrow :iconartmaster93austin:ArtMaster93Austin 7 1 Giant Joel - Willing Food (Vore) by gt-and-videogames Giant Joel - Willing Food (Vore) :icongt-and-videogames:gt-and-videogames 55 11 lewd Jojo by TheMacro-Johannes
Mature content
lewd Jojo :iconthemacro-johannes:TheMacro-Johannes 139 38
Giant deliveryman by Soda-sdlt12 Giant deliveryman :iconsoda-sdlt12:Soda-sdlt12 85 6 Commission: Reward after a long jog by TrumFire
Mature content
Commission: Reward after a long jog :icontrumfire:TrumFire 248 13
healing touch || shinsou hitoshi x male!reader
trigger warnings: hitoshi uses his quirk w/o consent but just for a minor thing nothin bad, large amounts of fluff
“Touch has a memory.”
—John Keats

He had lost.
The match was over.
Midoriya Izuku had beat him.
Despite the encouragement from his peers and the pro-heroes watching from above, Hitoshi couldn't help the squeeze of disappointment in his throat and chest and heart as he exited the arenas' battlegrounds.
Through the dual-set doors, Hitoshi grit his jagged teeth and focused his sullen stare on the ground, ignoring any and all comments aimed at him. One heavy foot fell after another in his walk of shame, the battle he had just fought on replay in his mind. He slumped down on a bench and hunched over, grabbing fistfuls of his wild purple hair in a frustrated grip.
He had wanted to prove everyone wrong.
Though his ambitions to become a hero would never, ever die, Hitoshi yearned for someone—anyone—to believe in him that he
:iconrottocarneval:rottocarneval 114 20


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